Seacoast Bank sues One Florida Bank regarding trade secrets

There are very interesting times ahead. Since there has been a change in the system for protecting trade secrets, companies no longer have any inhibitions about wanting to assert themselves in court. As always, the USA is the pioneer. But it already starts in Europe and we are learning very fast! Visit us www.GeschGehG.eu link …

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The enemy within: investigating insider IP theft

An excellent contribution to the procedure in the internal investigation when it comes to the misappropriation of business secrets. We can already implement the processes and methods described here with the support of our ROBOTIC GRC | 365 software. For more information contact me! www.GeschGehG.eu www.financierworldwide.com


The leading analyst issued the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2020. Transparency and Traceability is under point 5. Further details describe the protection of trade secrets and personal data as the key topics in this area. Have a look! https://www.gartner.com